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Tank Inspection:  At the start of any project, an API certified aboveground storage tank inspector should be on hand to provide inspection and consultation services, and to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards in the region. Each tank upgrading project has specific requirements and presents unique challenges. Proper procedure will ensure project safety, tank integrity, and the best utilization of resources and materials. A complete engineering analysis should be performed to ensure that tank components will not be overstressed during lifting and remedial operations. A professional engineer will develop project-specific drawings and procedures, and will supervise each stage of the work.  An analysis of the situation will result in recommendations for the appropriate remedial action, and what repair work should be performed, possibly including but not limited to:  Tank lifting, leveling, repair and replacement of roofs and floors, shell repairs, reconstruction of foundations.  Storage tanks should be updated to meet the highest local environmental standards, including the installation of release prevention barriers and leak detection.   Reproduced under

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