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Digitalization is one of the answers for staying ahead in tank storage management. Digital technologies will play an important role in the tank terminal industry, not only for new investments in the future, even today to accelerate established processes and incorporate greater transparency and flexibility. Additionally, it is essential to look at all lifecycle phases from plant design in the beginning via engineering, construction, installation and commissioning to ongoing operation and maintenance in the end. We at ALS can help you digitize your Terminal or Refinery. Storage terminals are increasingly turning to 3D laser scanning to obtain accurate tank data. This technological advancement assists in the efficient day-to-day running of storage facilities; including engineering, maintenance and expansion. Traditional equipment used in gathering tank shell data requires contact with the shell plates. Temporary access platforms can therefore be required in some cases, otherwise contact instruments can be limited to movement between natural obstructions such as tank nozzles, stairways and stiffening rings. The resulting data collected may therefore be limited to only a few hundred data points with inaccessible areas of tank shell missed. In worst-case scenarios, inaccuracy or absence of data can result in costly incidents where tank integrity is lost. In comparison to these traditional methods, laser scanner collects several million data points providing detailed information about the tank and the surrounding area, without the need to be in contact with the tank. Laser scanning can be used to accurately map entire facilities as well as provide bund volume calculations and modelling of local pipework and supporting structures. This technique minimises human error and results in a high resolution, detailed report that can be exported as electronic files compatible with various design software, such as 2D CAD files. Over the last 18 months Advanced 3d Laser Solutions has provided 3D laser scanning services to terminals and industrial facilities, including a recent project for a London terminal. A representative for a leading UK storage terminal says: ‘3D laser scanning the terminal has proven to be of great use, saving time in draughting plant layouts and P&IDs. The key area of benefit being the elimination time involved in the logistics of getting to and from the process plant and conducting surveys. ‘It also provides quick reference whilst discussing issues within the plant, again, generally eliminating the need to actually visit the area in question. There are other benefits yet to be exploited i.e. training and presentations. However, 3D laser scanning does not totally negate the need to physically visit the plant.’ The potential for 3D video fly-throughs to be used as a commercial tool is further highlighted by the terminal’s commercial team, which compliments their effectiveness as a visual aid in technical presentations to clients and training programmes. For 2016, Advanced 3d Laser Solutions will continue to build relationships and pursue projects within the chemical manufacturing and storage sector.

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