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A loading arm permits the fluid transfer of liquid bulk or liquefied gas from one storage tank to another through an articulated pipe system consisting of rigid piping and swivel joints to obtain flexibility. Transfer to or from a truck transported tank or rail transported tank requires a Top Loading Arm or a Bottom Loading Arm. Transfer to or from a ship or barge requires a marine loading arm.Top loading arms are used to load or unload road or rail tankers. Loading or unloading is done through the manhole on the top of the tanker. Depending on the nature of the product, the connection may be “open”, this means that the manhole is not sealed. A “Semi-Closed” connection can be made by a cone on the manhole of the tanker. A “Closed” connection is required for all dangerous and toxic products. This connection is made by a flange to the top of the tanker. A cone can be equipped with a vapour hose to prevent the vapors from being released to the atmosphere. Numerous accessories are available to make a loading arm more ergonomic and more effective: press down system, pneumatic up/down system, top level control, safety break valve, purge, drain…etc. Bottom loading arms are reserved for the unloading of road/rail tanker from the bottom, at the rear or side. The location of the connection has an influence on the length of the pipes. As an example, a rear connection requires a longer length of arms than for a side connection. The connection of this kind of loading arm can be made by flange, thread or by quick connection coupler such as a Dry Disconnect. There are also a numerous accessories which can be fitted to the Bottom loading arm to make it more ergonomic and more effective as described for the Top loading arm. Reproduced under

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