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Terminals are increasing in size but are being operated by fewer and fewer people, so safe automation is ever more important. Agidens helps you in the expansion or renewal of your tank terminal operations. We have always striven to provide flexible solutions that increase the efficiency and at the same time ensure that the terminal meets the highest safety norms.

Consulting & Engineering:

• Automation advice
• Engineering (Process, E&I, Software, Safety)
• Compliance
• Maintenance & Reliability
• Energy & Sustainability
• Operational excellence
• Technical and functional safety

Turnkey automated solutions:

• Terminal Management Systems (TMS)
• Terminal Automation Systems (TAS)
• Loading/unloading Systems
• Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS/SIL)
• Wall/shore connections
• Overfill protection

Maintenance & Service Support:

• 24/7 support service
• Upgrades & migraties
• Secure Remote Service
• Preventive maintenance
• Asset Management

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