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Spankerenseweg 79, 6951 CE Dieren, The Netherlands
79 Spankerenseweg Dieren Gelderland 6951 CE NL

100 years of craftsmanship in timber.

Long, heavy, complicated or extreme; when it comes to hardwood, we can saw it, plane it, adjust it, process it and model it. Where other timber companies often only offer standard sizes, we supply custom sizes, mainly for civil and hydraulic engineering applications.

At our saw mill in Dieren we are able to saw large sizes of timber up to a length of 15 meter mainly in species Ekki ( Azobé / Bongossi ) and Opepe ( Bilinga ). The combination of in-house production and a large and varied stock makes Hupkes THE Supplier e.g. big dragline mats and hardwood blocks as well as wedges for support and insulation for most flat bottom storage tanks in cryogenic applications for e.g. Butane, Ammonia, Propane and Ethylene tanks.

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Stefanie Brein-Honselmann
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