Volume: 4
Issue: 5

November 01, 2008

Tank Storage Magazine

Tank Storage Magazine is the leading industry publication dedicated exclusively to the bulk liquid storage industry. It is read by terminal managers, senior engineers, logistics/distribution managers and CEOs within oil, gas and petrochemical facilities as well as third party terminal operators.


The right resistance

Escalating ethanol production and discoveries of deep-drawn oil are prompting better preparation and the improvement of products for lining storage tanks In the depths of the ocean new oil is being found. In November 2007, Brazil state-owned oil company Petrobras discovered an estimated 5-8 bil...

Thermal maintenance of field erected sulphur tanks

A new method of tank heating is available that can minimise the corrosive environment affecting field erected sulphur storage tanks Field erected storage tanks have been used for years to store large volumes of molten sulphur. Traditionally, the sulphur is heated using a submerged steam coil and ...

The price of inaccuracy

With oil prices high, and likely to remain so, accurate measurement has never been more important. A tiny error during custody transfer can prove extremely costly, so it is a good time to review metering technology Inaccurate metering could easily cause a terminal to lose around $614,250 (€41...