Volume: 2
Issue: 4

December 01, 2006

Tank Storage Magazine

Tank Storage Magazine is the leading industry publication dedicated exclusively to the bulk liquid storage industry. It is read by terminal managers, senior engineers, logistics/distribution managers and CEOs within oil, gas and petrochemical facilities as well as third party terminal operators.



Flowmeter manufacturers are sometimes asked by tank operators why there is a difference in the cumulative measurements from the flowmeters, compared to the inventory measurements from the level gauges in the tank. This article is based on a study carried out for a customer using a KROHNE custody tra...


Crude oil is usually stored in floating roof tanks with a capacity of around 5,000 m2 to 100,000 m2. Over time, a layer of paraffin, sand, rust and heavy metals (inorganic components of crude oil) builds up on the bottom of the tank through sedimentation, along with organic components of the crude...

Biofuels Supplement

Brazil’s Tecbio to build two more new biodiesel plants Ethanol use charter signed in France Signing dynamics Biodiesel company announces expansion Chevron, DOE to study renewable fuels American Farm Bureau supports alternative fuel tank incentives Wireless monitoring available for alternative fu...


The chemical nature of biodiesel allows it to be blended with any kind of distillate or diesel fuel. This includes light fuels such as Jet fuel, Kerosene, No. 1 diesel or military fuel (JP8, JP 5), normal diesel fuel such as No. 2 diesel, ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) for diesel engines or gas tur...