Jaap Koomen joined VTTI in 2011 as an operational manager based at Eurotank Amsterdam, responsible for all the planning and operational activities of the terminal.

In 2013, he became the Commercial Manager of VTTI Netherlands, responsible for all the commercial activities of two terminals based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam with 1.1 million m3 and Amsterdam with 1.3 million m3; combined turnover of €100 million).

His role consisted in account management, selling storage that was not under contract and business development activities.

In April 2016, he became the Commercial Director of VTTI South Africa. He was primarily responsible for setting up the commercial rights contracts for Burgan Cape Terminals (BCT) in Cape Town, after VTTI acquired 70% of BCT shares. Since 2017, he is the General Manager of VTTI South Africa and is responsible for all activities undertaken by VTTI in the country.

His main role consists in setting up and running the operations of Burgan Cape Terminals.